The reason Queen Elizabeth isn't referred to as "Her Majesty"

After her "peaceful" passing on September 8 and burial on September 19, Buckingham Palace altered all references to "Her Majesty the Queen" to "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth."

Gert's Royals explained the change earlier this week: "The' in a title identifies the present title holder, hence from this point on she will be known as 'Her Majesty.

The palace updated the descriptor online on Thursday, as can be seen in a tweet about Princess Anne's visit to thank soldiers who assisted with the Queen's funeral preparations earlier this week.

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In correspondence, Buckingham Palace now refers to the monarch as "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth" rather than "Her Majesty the Queen."

Current title holder is indicated by the' in a title. No The term "the" refers to a former title holder, a former title holder's spouse, etc.