Starbucks's Secret Detail in the Logo

Some people prefer their coffee to be syrupy sweet. Undoubtedly, you have yearned for coffee after seeing the green Starbucks logo. Long, curly hair like a cappuccino with extra whipped cream is a feature of the green Siren.

Most likely, you've never noticed the hidden aspect of this logo. Starbucks' logo contains a secret meaning. For the 2011 rebranding team, one impromptu decision made all the difference.

The nautical being stood out when Starbucks' founders chose the name in 1971. Since Starbucks is from Seattle, and coffee beans sail aboard container ships, the Siren seemed fitting.

In 1987, Starbucks switched from a brown to a green logo, and when it went public in 1992, it adopted a more modern design. The biggest change occurred in 2011.

Siren underwent makeover. Her face and hair had been changed. The phrases on the symbol were eliminated since they were associated with Starbucks Coffee and the Siren.

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