Response From NFL World To Dak Prescott's Choice News

Dak Prescott has already been selected for Week 3 by the Dallas Cowpokes.

On Monday night's game against the New York Goliaths, Prescott won't participate. Cooper Rush will be working for the Cattle Ruffians for around another week.

Stephen Jones, VP of Cowpokes, announced the information on Monday night.

After a significant victory over the Bengals on Sunday, the Cowpokes are in decline. They are willing to wait for Prescott to fully recover and be back to normal.

The Cowpokes, according to fans, ought to be as cautious as is reasonably possible right now. Kindly hold off on sending him back, one supporter urged.

"The more victories the Cowpokes can get without Dak, the more time they can buy. The next Monday night event in New York is enormous "additional supporter