Notice How This Old Draymond Green Video Is Currently Going Viral.

A video of Draymond Green's incident with Jordan Poole was made public by TMZ on Friday. Green is seen striking his teammate in the face in the video.

The footage of Green punching Poole quickly became popular online.

An old episode of "The Draymond Green Show" started making the rounds on Twitter not long after TMZ aired the video.

Green says in this tape that he never steps onto the hardwood intending to fight anyone.

Let me explain something to you folks, here's the thing. Play basketball, I do.

I won't go out there and punch someone in the mouth on the basketball court, Green declared.

"I'm not going to try to start a conflict with anyone. Simply winning a basketball game is my only goal when I step onto the court." These remarks from Green obviously didn't hold up over time.

Warriors players are anticipated to punish Green in some way. They'll deal with that situation internally.

Fill in some texAdditionally, it has been claimed that Golden State will look into how TMZ got the video of the altercation from Wednesday.