NFL Hall of Famer delivers blunt message to Russell Wilson

Shannon Sharpe, a former Denver Broncos player, criticised Russell Wilson on this Friday's Undisputed show.

Wilson's performance against the Colts on Thursday night was dreadful.

He missed a wide-open receiver for a game-winning score in overtime in addition to throwing two interceptions.

Wilson ended the press conference on Thursday by stating, "Broncos Country, let's ride," despite the fact that he played terribly.

Let's just say that comment didn't sit well with Sharpe. Sharpe replied, "Bruh, the car broke down. Every time I turn around, Broncos Country, let's ride.

You're walking; you're not riding. So how in the world are you going to discuss "let's ride"? Your automobile malfunctioned.

Either the car needs work, or you're out of gas. In either case, Russell Wilson needs to improve.

This Friday morning, analysts other than Sharpe also criticised Wilson. Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network also criticised the top quarterback.