LIV Golf's Phil Mickelson makes a strong PGA Tour statement.

Famous golfer Phil Mickelson has never been shy in expressing his opinions throughout his career. He continued that practise this past week by speaking with ESPN.

In favour of LIV Golf, which is backed by the Saudi Arabian government, Mickelson quit the PGA Tour, saying that LIV "is here to say and that the Tour would never be the same again."

"All of the top golfers in the world have competed on the PGA Tour for the past twenty to thirty years. That won't take place once more.

Friday's opening round of the LIV competition in Chicago led to Mickelson's declaration that "LIV Golf is here to stay."

Mickelson offered some advice on how to ease the current hostilities between the competing golf circuits.

"The best course of action is to get together as a group. I think the professional golf industry needs the historical "history of the game" products from the PGA Tour.