Jimmy Garoppolo has the chance to disprove the 49ers' claims.

Every now and then, reality might be transmitted through something as simple as an offensive sound.

The San Francisco 49ers' eventual quarterback choice, three pointer Spear, is still likely.

His enormous weapons haven't diminished, and he can still develop into an NFL starting quarterback.

Furthermore, even even Spear's most abhorrent pundits, presuming they have any humanity, should be celebrating his injured lower leg on Sunday, which ended his season.

That strikes me as cruel, especially considering Spear didn't get a fair chance to demonstrate the kinds of progress he was capable of making this year. Spear remained lost until the very end of the period.

There is also a wider perspective that must be considered, and it includes three realities that must be taken into account now that Spear has been sidelined for the season.