Draymond claimed that KD wanted to join the Dubs prior to Thunder's 3-1 defeat.

Kevin Durant gave an explanation of why he chose to join the Warriors in 2021, following the NBA's 2015–16 season.

Golden State gave Durant everything he needed to play basketball in its purest form and also gave him the chance to join a team with previous NBA championship experience.

Long before the 2016 Western Conference Finals, when Golden State defeated Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder,

Warriors guard Draymond Green believes that Kevin Durant's curiosity was piqued by Steve Kerr's brand of basketball.

Green said Wednesday that KD "wanted to play good basketball" on the Checc'n In' podcast. "You observed the manner in which we played basketball,

where the ball was transferred by the players Steph looks good. Everyone is operating the screen for Steph. As everyone tries to get Steph the ball, we are having fun.

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