Don't wager on him breaking that winning streak, advises Begay On Tiger

Notah Begay, a close friend of Tiger Woods and a four-time PGA Tour victor, stated in a Golfweek interview that he believes Tiger still has "one more (winning) in him."

as well as the advice to "don't bet on his breaking that win record at some point in the future."

In truth, Tiger has known Begay for around 40 years and Begay is the captain of the American Junior squad in the Presidents Cup.

The conversation swiftly turned to his close friend Tiger after covering a wide range of topics, including his availability to play on the Champions tour.

and after the 15-time Major champion was recently captured on camera working out on the range, Begay shared some insight with us.

"Based on amount of suffering, I would assume he's putting in an hour to two hours (of practise)," the NBC Sports and Golf Channel commentator added.

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