Dane Jackson of the Bison Bills was carted off the field against the Tennessee Titans with a grave injury.

Against the Tennessee Titans on "Monday Night Football," Bison Bills cornerback Dane Jackson was taken off the field after suffering head and neck injuries.

Football." Jackson took a brutal shot from linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, a fellow teammate.

After a 12-yard gain in the closing seconds of the first half, Jackson was injured while tackling Treylon Burks.

Jackson's protective cap was struck by a shoulder that Edmunds brought down while rushing in to help with the tackle.

Jackson's head snapped back as he was enveloping Burks in a blanket and lying on his stomach. Prior to the arrival of the clinical work force, he stayed on his back.

Jackson was taken by the Bills to the Erie Region Clinical Community for an X-ray and a CT output. His limbs and legs are fully developed, according to the group.